Anxiety can take a devastating toll on life, work and relationships. Sometimes it’s hard for people with anxiety to engage with self-help strategies but Reiki can change all this.

Anxiety is a truly insidious beast. Unlike depression, which typically manifests as low mood, lack of motivation and feelings of hopelessness, anxiety can fuel far too much of the most destructive kind of energy. Your friendships, relationships and career paths are in serious jeopardy when anxiety takes hold.

The vicious circle of anxiety

There was a time when my anxiety crowned me the ‘Queen of Self-Sabotage’. I often missed out on opportunities and only lived half a life when it got the better of me. There also were times when my anxiety motivated me to over work and over-achieve, meaning success was usually at my own personal expense. I paid the emotional price of overwhelm, exhaustion and burn out.

This vicious circle means you struggle to be consistent and stable. In my case, when I became more aware of what was happening I simply had to find a way to restore balance or I knew I’d continue to be trapped by my own inner demons.

The mind-body connection

When I started to recognise that my issue was anxiety and began my journey of Reiki healing I learnt that the physical symptoms of anxiety mirror the intense emotions we feel.

An unsettled stomach, tension headaches, dizzy spells – eventually you just want to collapse in an exhausted heap in a dark room somewhere away from the world. And even then, you may be so restless that sleep is elusive.

The mind starts racing with unhelpful, untrue, painful thoughts. You catastrophize and develop fears about the future that paralyse you with dread. As a consequence you struggle to be present with the people around you and avoid situations that you tell yourself you just can’t face. You talk yourself out of taking the inspired action that manifests well being, joy and success in your life.

The correlation between the many physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety is one reason why, in my experience, Reiki is the number one self-help strategy for so many anxious people.

Here’s 3 powerful ways that Reiki can help anxiety

#1 Reiki teaches you how to breathe

Conventional approaches to managing anxiety will often recommend ‘deep’ or ‘slower’ breathing but believe me, when you’re in the throws of a full-blown anxious episode your brain struggles to send this message to your constricted, stress-filled heart and lungs!

As a Reiki Master, I always teach my students exactly how to harness the healing power of breath so that they can become clearer channels for Reiki healing. Reiki breathing helps you maximise your inner stability and regulate the flow of emotion and energy through your body. The resulting effect is a natural slowing and deepening of the breath, which opens the chest and lungs, maximising the amount of oxygen accessible to the bloodstream.

You’ll finally let go of nervous and muscular tension to experience deep peace and relaxation. You’ll experience true vitality rather than spiky, anxious energy pulsing through your system.

These are the best possible conditions you can create for physical and mental healing to begin. Mind and body can finally find balance. My debilitating physical symptoms cleared up when I learned Reiki which made a huge difference to my capacity to enjoy an active, productive life.

#2 Reiki promotes self compassion

Anxious people are often not very compassionate to themselves. Many can be strivers and over-achievers. Many care deeply about the outcomes in their situations. Many fear failure and crave control.

They’re often sensitive, empathic people with beautiful intentions. But they misdirect their desire for things to go well because their anxiety is completely counter-productive.

When I consider how Reiki helps anxiety, I believe the principle of self compassion is at the core of the magic.

Reiki teaches so many valuable lessons that help you stop beating yourself up, berating yourself and telling yourself that you’re not good enough.

Reiki teaches you to listen to the song of your soul and make more joyful choices in your life, career and relationships.

Learning Reiki helped me develop the resilience and trust that my anxiety robbed from me so many times.

You don’t need to hold on so tightly to situations in your life because anxiety’s telling you a lie that you’re not safe. You don’t need to over think your problems because anxiety’s telling you the clock is ticking on finding a solution. You don’t need to fear connecting with people because anxiety’s telling you that you’re going to be judged for your sensitivity or vulnerability.

My Reiki practice helped me find the places within where all kinds of harsh beliefs, fears and unmet needs were resonating. It helped me tackle all that with a huge down-pouring of self-love and acceptance of each moment that created release and freedom.

#3 Reiki helps you get to the root of your anxiety

Reiki teaches you how to connect with yourself as a mindful observer. It’s so much easier to understand the triggers to your anxiety and engage in self-inquiry to acknowledge the root cause when you’ve implemented Reiki-based strategies to relax and tune in to your own emotions.

I know many anxious people would struggle to believe this is even possible but I’ve experienced it myself and seen it happen with my clients and students so many times. Not every anxious person is a trauma survivor, but in my own situation, understanding the impact of my childhood experiences was a powerful aspect of my healing process. Reiki completely supported me with this.

When you arrive at the root cause of your anxiety, you know exactly where to focus to heal and change. So when I say that Reiki helps anxiety, I’m not talking about using a sticking plaster or managing symptoms.

And even if you do need medication, Reiki is super supportive and non-invasive so it complements all the other ways you engage with to help yourself.

Reiki is a truly holistic solution – which makes learning Reiki a priceless investment.

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Love Rhian xo