Do you feel uncomfortable about the idea of exchanging cash for your Reiki healing services or worry that people will think it’s greedy or unspiritual? It’s time to think again because it’s an energy exchange!

If you’ve been considering launching a Reiki business or learning Reiki with a view to charging in the future and this question has been holding you back, read on to alleviate your concerns.

Your healing services involve an energy exchange so it absolutely doesn’t compromise your spirituality when you charge for your time, expertise and effort.

Money and spirituality are not mutually exclusive.

I hear a lot of spiritual people and healers saying that Reiki should be free. This is an outdated and limiting belief – it’s a reflection of a false idea that money and abundance are not spiritual concepts.

Remember – everything is energy, even money. And you must value and honour yourself, too.

These are both important, spiritually aligned principles that are congruent with the idea that in order to help other people we must allow ourselves to thrive.

Reiki healers should not have to struggle with the emotional problems that constant self-sacrifice creates. I notice it’s an issue that many empaths and sensitives need to overcome.

The money you’ll earn through offering your Reiki services means you can buy the things you need in order to live successfully in this modern world. Nobody ever said a healer should be hungry or poor.

Paying for Reiki encourages the active healing process.

In my experience, clients who pay for services take their investment much more seriously than those who just want help for free. It means they’ll be active in their healing process and take on board your advice because they’re keen to make the most of their investment.

If you look at it this way, you can actually get better results and make a bigger impact by professionalising your service and making a charge because your clients will be truly committed to themselves.

You’ll be able to dedicate more time to your work and help more people because your Reiki won’t have to be a side-gig and your energy will be focused in the right place.

Charge for Reiki with honesty and integrity.

As I’m writing about Reiki, it would be crazy not to point out that infusing spirituality with your work reflects one of the five Reiki Principles:

Just for today I’ll work honestly.

It really is all about balance. Be guided to set a price for your service that feels equitable with the time and energy you’re offering.

You may be guided to offer a concessionary rate for a certain number of clients in financial difficulty to reflect your intention to be kind and make a difference to those who are in need. If you decide to do this, just be sure that you’re able to deliver the service without detriment to yourself. Nobody can offer healing and support from a half empty cup.

So is it okay to charge for Reiki? Yes! Feel rewarded by what you earn, feel grateful for the money you receive and know that you’re offering your clients a high quality, valuable service.

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Love Rhian xo