Many people want to know whether Reiki can help protect them from ‘energy vampires’. If you’re sick of attracting people who seem to drain the life out of you, read on.

What is an energy vampire?

This creepy term conjures up an image of the white-faced, sabre-toothed folk in the movies who only surface at night and feed off the blood of good, innocent people.

In reality, the vampire legend is a metaphor for the energetic version of this fearful beast.

An energy vampire is a normal human being but they’re numb, negative and needy. They struggle to connect with the life force energy we all need to tap into in order to sustain our power and motivation. That’s why they seek out prey filled with vitality who are willing to be their ‘food’.

The dark world of the vampire symbolises the heaviness and misery that overshadows their life. The blood they crave symbolises the life force energy of their victims – the compassionate, caring ones who’ll self-sacrifice in order to alleviate any suffering they observe.

It’s a powerful metaphor of polarities.

Have you been bitten by an energy vampire?

Empaths and Reiki healers make the perfect targets for energy vampires because they’re usually keen to focus on love and peace. They’re compassionate and rarely turn away someone in need. They’re also overflowing with delicious life force energy that makes them very magnetic.

Here’s how the story goes:

You meet someone who’s over-burdened with problems and pain, who’s stuck in a cycle of negative thinking and who’s lost the sparkle in their eyes. You’re compelled to help, sacrificing your own needs in order to solve their problems or spending hours lifting their spirits only to find the next day they’re on your doorstep back to square one.

After you’ve been around them you’re anxious, drained and exhausted. It’s tricky to shake off their heavy energy. You’re left feeling raw or sad every time, even after you’ve just chatted with them on the phone for fifteen minutes.

But for some strange reason you allow your compassion to make excuses for this person and defer the compassion you need for yourself. You harbour faith they will heal or change. You’re certain you can help them so you let them in close. Despite the nagging feeling that they drain you of all your power and vitality, you feel connected to them. Strangely, you let them come back for more.

If this sounds familiar the chances are you’ve let an energy vampire into your world. You need to find out more about how this happens and work on healing it.

What attracts energy vampires?

Although energy vampires are attracted to your life force energy it is more complex than that. Each vampire – victim dynamic is unique. They’ll be attracted to something about you that they lack.

There can also be a strange mirror effect going on – when you hear their stories you may be reminded of your own past or pain that you’ve been challenged to overcome. There may be a lesson in this for both vampire and victim – everyone must walk their own path and learn their own soul lessons. You cannot do the work for others or ride on somebody else’s wave.

Energy vampires tend to be people who lack self-awareness. They suffer with negative emotions and complex incongruent thought patterns. They can also be narcissistic which means they lack empathy and are totally driven by their own needs.

An energy vampire therefore doesn’t connect well with Source energy, Nature or their own power to tap into and circulate life force. They’re driven to seek other sources of power to maintain vitality.

Think of this as psychological as well as energetic.

So if you’re a person who tends to be kind, sweet, giving, healing and caring and you sometimes over-give or self-sacrifice, you’ll be very attractive to these guys.

How to protect yourself from energy vampires using Reiki

If you want to protect yourself from energy vampires it’s important to work on your over-giving and self sacrificial tendencies with strong intention. Stop being rewarded by saving someone else. These are the key aspects that all energy vampires look for first in their prey.

You’d benefit from using Reiki to manage this vulnerability by strengthening your Sacral and Heart Chakras.

It’s also useful for you to understand what you, specifically, are projecting that appeared so ‘tasty’ to the vampire in your life. If you’re driven to fix others, or gain a lot of emotional reward from feeling like you’ve solved someone’s problems, this may be something that requires attention.

Use Reiki on your Throat and Third Eye Chakras to help you find the insight you need.

Take personal responsibility and stop blaming the vampire for what’s happening. You each take a role in the interaction. They’re only able to drain you of energy because there is a part of you allowing it to happen. You need to develop a stronger free will and reinforce your emotional, physical and energetic boundaries.

Focus Reiki on your Root and Solar Plexus Chakras for greater stability and personal power.

Is there anything to learn from encountering energy vampires?

Learning how to navigate healthy, balanced relationships with the people who come into our lives is an essential part of our personal journey. Try to see your empathy, sensitivity and compassion as a gift and not a curse. You can be all these things without being susceptible to energy vampires.

You may even eventually be grateful for the lessons you’ve learned through your encounters with energy vampires because you’ve become a stronger person and a more resilient Reiki healer as a result – you’ll be able to offer healing without it becoming a matter of self-sacrifice. 

If you follow the path of Reiki, you’ll also become more skilled at recognising when an energy vampire is trying to connect with you and you’ll learn how to say ‘no’ on every level.

When you have access to a tool like Reiki to protect yourself from energy vampires you don’t have to worry that you’ll fall prey to a soul-sucker ever again.

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Love Rhian xo