If you’re curious about the benefits of learning Reiki, then read on. I’ve had to work hard to list only 6 in this article. 

I’ve reflected on my own experience and the feedback I receive from my clients and students to come up with the top 6 reasons why Reiki is such a powerful solution for everyone on a journey of healing and personal discovery.

1. Reiki tackles the root cause of disease to heal body, mind and soul.

Learning Reiki healing means you begin to understand well-being from a holistic perspective so that you can work on the underlying causes of your problems and transform yourself from the inside out.

When you start to explore how body, mind and soul interconnect it feels like you can finally piece together a profound puzzle and the journey is often packed with those ‘aha moments’ you’ve been waiting for.

2. Reiki is accessible to all.

Everyone can learn to access and harness Reiki healing energy. It’s Universally available. This means you can take ownership of your well-being and your healing process even if you’ve spent years feeling that your wellness has been spiralling out of control.

I’ve seen this make a huge difference to people with long-term problems that effect their energy levels. Feeling more in control of your own energy means that you have so much more capacity to engage in the things you love to do with your life.

3. Reiki helps you feel present and connected with yourself.

The foundations of Reiki healing are grounded in personal growth, self-awareness and self-care. You’ll start to prioritise your own well-being, finally manage stress and anxiety and step closer towards being the positive person filled with vitality you’ve always wanted to be.

Reiki always helps lift my mood when challenges are thrown my way. It helps me de-stress at the end of a long day and it helps keep my thoughts and feelings lighter and brighter.

4. Reiki is simply magic for relationships.

Reiki healing helps you soothe your pain, clear your negative emotions, become more emotionally aware and create happier relationships whether you’re part of a couple or looking for new love.

I used Reiki to support myself through the end of a difficult marriage and a traumatic divorce. It always provides me with the comfort and inner peace I crave, even when things get really tough.

5. Reiki restores your sense of passion and purpose.

Reiki healing inspires you overcome your personal limitations and make better choices for your lifestyle and career without the stress and self doubt that’s kept you playing small.

I often channel Reiki for targeted Chakra healing so that I’m not hanging onto negative self talk or unhelpful beliefs that affect my ability to engage with my sense of purpose.

My Reiki path also helped me find the confidence to learn and develop so that I could use my talents to support as many people as possible.

I qualified as a Psychodynamic Relationship Therapist, learned other holistic healing modalities and my open mind became hungry for knowledge and new experiences all thanks to Reiki.

6. Reiki unlocks your spiritual gifts.

Reiki completely sky-rocketed my own psychic and spiritual gifts. Within a year of becoming a Reiki Master I was working confidently as a professional Holistic Healer. I even secured a Presenter role on Sky TV billed as one of the best intuitive readers in the UK.

Learning Reiki has helped millions of people unleash their spiritual gifts – you learn to sense, interpret and channel energy on a completely new level when you open your heart and mind to Reiki healing.

So when I say that learning Reiki healing is life changing, I really mean it.

If you’re ready to learn Reiki, then you’re in the right place. Just click here to join the waitlist and I’ll let you know as soon as the new programs are open for registration. 

I’m excited for you to begin your journey.

Love Rhian xo