Would you like to know how to find the right Reiki teacher? You’re in the right place.

You’ve probably come across training in all kinds of formats with different costs and varying levels of teacher interaction so it’s easy to feel confused about what to choose.

This article will help you consider what’s right for you if you’d like to learn Reiki and you’re looking for the right teacher or program.

Find the right Reiki teacher to suit you

As a Reiki Master Teacher I’ve taught face to face courses, online courses with live tuition and self guided courses.

What’s right for you will depend upon your learning style, your level of motivation and personal preference. I certainly always make myself available to answer questions no matter which format the course is in because one responsibility of the Reiki Master role is to offer support. Training without support might be something you’d rather avoid.

Can you teach yourself Reiki?

Well, it would be difficult and time consuming to navigate and sort through the wealth of conflicting information out there about Reiki and energy healing.

There are so many different approaches nowadays and a number of different branches of Reiki so it could quickly become overwhelming. You’ll soon start over complicating things if you try to master Reiki via Google, trust me!

Plus you could miss out on key information that could help the knowledge fit into place in your mind. You’re therefore best advised to follow a course or training program of your choice.

Is one style of teaching or attunement better than another?

It’s true that one Teacher’s style may be better suited to you than another and the quality of learning resources and support may vary between training courses.

I’ve seen so many arguments about lineage, course content, terminology, the amount of practice needed and even choice of Reiki symbols out there in the Reiki community. It’s not worth worrying about who is right and who is wrong because lots of this comes down to belief and the competitive nature of people who are, of course, passionate about their art.

At the end of the day, one guiding principle in the Reiki philosophy is that we must learn to trust.

The Reiki energy is universally available to all of us across time and space, so I personally don’t believe that in-person tuition and attunements are the only way. Neither do I believe that Reiki should be regulated through systems of professional standards and awarding bodies because it is not our place as humans to impose limitations on energy that originates from Soul and Spirit.

Whether you choose to self-attune and follow a digital course, to follow a training system with pre-recorded attunements or to seek out personalised initiations from a Reiki Master does not have any bearing on your capacity to channel energy.

Are expensive teachers always the best?

The cost of your Reiki training program can depend upon how your Reiki Master charges for their time and energy, how much personal time you’ll receive and the running costs of the course.

Back in the early 2000s when I trained as a Reiki Master, my investment was about £1000 GBP ($1300 USD). But times have changed and with the explosion of the digital world, it’s possible for me to reach a greater number of students than ever before so it’s possible to charge a lower price for the training.

This is exciting because more people will get the opportunity to learn Reiki and it means that an inexpensive training program can still be top quality.

How to find the right Reiki teacher who’ll help you become a competent practitioner and healer

Once you have the foundational knowledge in place, what makes you a really great Reiki healer is your personal insight, your capacity for mindful presence, your emotional sensitivity and your ability to be right there alongside your clients in the ways that they need you the most.

This is what makes Reiki healing an ‘art’.

Every healer has their own unique style and their own contribution to make to the world. A good training program and a skilled, supportive teacher will plant the seeds within you that you can nurture and develop in order to truly become a Master.  But how you nurture and develop is going to be totally up to you, since the journey is yours and yours alone.

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Love Rhian xo