If you’re wondering how Reiki can support your spiritual awakening, this article will help you.

Some people choose to learn Reiki because they’re seeking a spiritual awakening. Many say that Reiki was their spiritual catalyst. Others claim that an awakening was what called them to the Reiki path.

Reiki students often approach me with questions about spiritual awakening. They wonder what to expect, what they need to do and how long they might be in the throes of change.

Here are answers to three of the questions I get asked about the experience of spiritual awakening.

#1 What is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening happens when you become aware that you’re more than just a body. You begin to sense and know that you are a spiritual being operating in an interconnected Universe.

You begin to feel and experience yourself in different ways. Your perception may shift, your intuition may amplify and your psychic gifts may emerge.

It might be that you start to consider your spiritual nature as the same spiritual essence that flows through Nature. 

You might pay more attention to what you feel rather than what you think or what you’re told by others. And you may also become more heart-centred and conscious about the choices you make and the impact that they have.

All this brings enormous personal transformation.

You may find yourself wanting to release certain relationships or heal from the past. What inspires you may change and you may feel compelled to explore new possibilities for your life in the quest to find a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment.

You may also find yourself examining your core values, re-evaluating your belief system and becoming clearer about what’s right and true for you. 

It sounds like an adventure, but spiritual awakening can bring highs and lows since it’s a journey of shadow and light. It can be intense and challenging as you heal, change and evolve. You may find yourself feeling like you’ve been turned inside out and upside down.

Having a self-healing tool like Reiki at your fingertips can be invaluable when it gets tough and you’re navigating a dark night of the Soul.

#2 How do you know what you need to do? 

As you navigate your spiritual awakening, pay attention to what your mind, body and Soul are guiding you towards in every aspect of your life. Spend time in honest self-inquiry to ascertain what you must release, adjust or change to support your natural process of spiritual evolution.

Meditation and Mindfulness with Reiki can help you find the clarity you yearn for. There are no rules so don’t be surprised if you find yourself changing direction, exploring avenues that you later abandon and discovering new personal truths along the way.

Feeling like you keep reaching a crossroads is familiar to many spiritual seekers. Over time it’s something you’ll learn to accept and you’ll discover hope and possibility in the unknown that lies ahead, unexplored. Reiki can help you be present when you reach a crossroads in your life.

Notice your resistance to change and challenge your excuses. Reiki will help you understand the vulnerabilities and rawness that surface as you shed light in dark places. Your healing practice will help you value and cherish every wild, convoluted part of your journey.

#3 How long does spiritual awakening take and will it ever be complete?

In my experience, spiritual awakening comes in waves and it’s a lifelong flow of transformation. You may find that you go through an intense period of change that calms while you process and integrate for weeks, months or even years. Then it could happen again. Make the most of every pause – it’s perfect because ultimately, if it’s your path and your will to grow, the process is as inevitable as the waves lapping on the shore.

There are always more layers to shed; there is always more awareness to embrace – this is where the knowledge, healing and art of Reiki is perfectly placed as a foundational self-help tool. The experience of channelling Reiki helps us understand that the deeper we go within ourselves, the higher we can reach.

When we learn to tune into ourselves with honesty and integrity, to discern between what comes from limitation or fear and what flows from Soul, we’re able to discover the joy and magic in our lives. Reiki supports this path of elevation. But at the same time Reiki teaches us to be human, fallible and accepting of how we are in the moment.  

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